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EPAFLEX Americas proudly announces its inaugural year celebration at the prestigious NPE (National Plastics Exposition) 2024, held in Orlando. EPAFLEX Americas is a subsidiary of EPAFLEX SpA which has been manufacturing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for over 30 years with 200+ products available off-of-the-shelf.  However, in the last year, EPAFLEX Americas has launched four new products with an additional four products currently undergoing trials and qualification. 

Visitors to the EPAFLEX booth can expect to witness firsthand the company’s innovative solutions and expertise across diverse sectors. EPAFLEX Americas invites attendees to join in the celebration of its inaugural year at NPE 2024, where they can explore its extensive product portfolio, engage with industry experts, and discover how EPAFLEX is redefining expectations for suppliers and materials in the TPU industry.


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Buckle up and learn more about how TPU is the unsung hero of many automotive applications including seals, gaskets, hoses, dunnage, interior films, air bags, and EV cables Bumper to bumper, EPAMOULD and EPALINE TPU are between the most durable, flexible, and cost-effective materials for use in the industry.

Still stuck in neutral? Fire up your favorite TPU-powered joy ride and head towards Orlando to learn more about how Epaflex Americas can help!


Epaflex Americas isn’t afraid of putting in the hard-work and supporting your toughest applications – those that are the very backbone of our civil infrastructure. We’ll be highlighting Infrastructure uses for our EPAMOULD and EPALINE technology including energy, cable, cured-in-place pipe, hoses and more. Leveraging thousands of years of Italian innovation combined with hundreds of years of American ingenuity and perseverance.

We know you’re building something – we are too. 

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Run it back to a time when you were a kid and the only thing that mattered was having FUN. Playing the sports that you loved, with your friends and with your family. We can take you there – because EPAMOULD and EPADISC materials from Epaflex Americas go into your favorite sports equipment.
In the meantime, close your laptop – put down your phone – and go find your local pick-up game.

Let Epaflex Americas help you find the KID inside you again.


Are you looking for your next ‘Boujee’ bite? Make no mistake – Epaflex Americas thermoplastic polyurethane helps to make that happen. EPALINE TPU is both durable and water-safe for agricultural hoses – ensuring that our materials can guide water safely for our crops. Epaflex also supports the conveyor belt industry that touches and MOVES our food and brings you delicious, safe, and tasty bites from farm…to…table.
Foodies everywhere UNITE! Good. Clean. Food. Is coming your way via Epaflex-Americas materials.

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